Story Time City

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The laws of the site are the rules, basically, they are the same on almost every site! But what about the laws for Story Time City? Most are true to real life laws. But we are going to have a weekly vote on laws. What ones we should have, and what ones we shouldn't. Along with the polls you will read both sides of the story. Enjoy!

This page will have Internet Etiquette, which is basically politeness on the web and if you catch someone breaking the internet etiquette you can report them to the police (R.R.) for disturbing the peace.

The Mayor (The Writer) will bring more Laws to your attention after going over the ideas with storytimecity and Passion.

Internet Etiquette and Site Rules

Internet Etiquette is how you are suppose to treat people on the website. If someone breaks these rules you can report them to R.R. for disturbing the peace.

1: No swearing, or anything inappropriate (sexist, racist, mean, rude, or offensive), we won't tolerate that.

2: Everyone is a human being,(except storytimecity, he is the website god) please treat them as you would like to be treated.

3: Don't post one thing, a lot of times, it's messy.

4: Don't make random topics (unless they are in the chat forum, where you can post rants, questions, etc, what we mean by random is crazy and useless and incoherent, like making a topic full of random letters and numbers). And please put them in the right topic area, except in the stories category there is no penalty because sometimes decided what genre something is can be hard.

6. Don't use people's stories as chats. All you are allowed to say on the stories is "write more!" or variations of that. You can ask a question about the story, but only on comments. No chatting, those will be deleted from the story by the admins.

7. Signatures can to be noticeable, but not to large or obnoxious in font or color. It shouldn't be the kind of signature that drags people's eyes away from whatever they're reading (phrases are allowed in signatures as long as they are not to big and obnoxious in font and color).


Jobs & How to Get a Job

New members, getting a job is very easy! Just send a Private message to an admin and ask them about it or ask the owner of the place you want to work. If you want to make a store, go to the bottom of the forum and that's where the member-owned stores are, then Private message an admin and tell them about your store idea. Your store will be closed if you ask the admin to, or if you aren't capable of running it.

You may also get fired from a job or get your store closed if you stop showing up and the admins are unsure if you even want to be a member anymore, which, if you don't get on in 1 year, then at Spring Cleaning the admins delete all those unused accounts, basically your home gets foreclosed upon. 

New Voting Coming Soon!

When voting please remember that multiple voting is NOT good. Please vote only once. 

If you have any ideas to vote on, PM The Writer & Passion.


Pro-Life = When a person is deleted or leaves the website their home and pets will go to the people hey willed them to, or be placed in the ads section if no will was made (pets will go the shelter). A new feature will be added to the questionnaire soon (when you join the site) that has you make a will.

Cursing in Stories

Pro-Real = "Yes, people DO use those words, but young people shouldn't be subjected to them. Stories with curse words will have warnings in the stories, that way the younger members will know if the story has appropriate language. And only certain curse words should be allowed, very strong language should stay banned. If you are planning on using curse words in your story than Private-Message the admins and tell them what words you plan to use, the admins will give you permission or they'll tell which of your words can't be used. The same admin will than add the warning to your story."

The Shelter and Pet Store Decide How Many Pets Each Person should get

Pro-Choice = "The Shelter and Pet Store should see how many animals you have before they give you an animal you are requesting. They know best and they will decide (depending on the types and amount of pets you have) and they will decide. What they say goes, they're professionals, they know what's in the animals best interests."

Guns are Illegal and We have No Military

Pro-Peace = "We should destroy our military, and let no guns even come into the city! We should be pure and peaceful!"

From the votes, Story Time City believes that gun should be illegal and no weapons shouldn't even be allowed in the city. We are peaceful.

The Selling of Wild Animals as Pets is Illegal

PRO- WILD = "They are called WILD for a reason, and what about the baby crocodiles in New York? When they got to big they were flushed down the toilet! Or when chimpanzees were sold as pets? They ended up harming their humans, the other pets/children, or being abandoned by their owners!"

From the votes, Story Time City believes that wild animals should stay wild and it is illegal to sell them.