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Things to do over the Summer

Posted by The Writer on June 26, 2011 at 8:06 PM

This bit was added a little late, and please do comment on this entry if you have any ideas for things to do over the summer.

Passion and I found that if you take your own bathtub (air jet tub or normal) and fill it with water and get as many bubbles as you can in it (and optionally turn on the video camera so you can look back on the time), you will probably have a good time swimming in it (with swimsuits on). Big tubs are usually best, and as long as your parents allow you to turn your tub into a mini swimming pool and, of course, wear swimsuits.

And there was a Gay Pride Parade today, which it's a bit sad that I only found out about it today, but I hope everyone celebrates it anyway! Everyone deserves to be respected and treated like a human being!

More water fun in Summer? I usually turn on the hose and get on clothes I don't mind if they get wet and play around in the backyard. If a good amount of people are there then you can make up a spa game (I invented this amazing game when I had very young children over that I had to keep entertained) by pulling out some lawn chairs and spraying the people in the chairs down with a hose or even digging a mud hole, filling it with water, and putting your feet in it, if your not too afraid of bugs.

I also suggest play photo-shoots for a way to keep occupied. Get out the wierdest clothes you have or just put together outfits and find places to take the photos. I found some great places for taking dramatic pictures in my home and around my neighborhood.

Have fun this summer but try to be safe as well!

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