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New Law: Cursing in Stories?

Posted by storytimecity on March 12, 2011 at 5:32 PM

Should Story Time City allow cursing in stories? And if so what curse words will be allowed and what won't? The website has a large range of ages and some of those ages it wouldn't be appropriate to have those words written in stories. After the votes have been counted (the poll will probably be up for a week or two) the admins will decide what words will be allowed and what won't. Of course we won't post a list on the website, but if someone is planning to use curse words in their story they have to pm the admins and tell them which words you are planning on using, the admins will then tell the resident if any of the words are unacceptable.

The consequences for cursing in a story will be semi-harsh, probably being turned into a limited member for awhile depending on the word used.

But if most of the residents vote for Pro-Clean no cursewords will be allowed and the punishment will go to anyone who uses a cursewords.

Also the vote is not asking if curse words should be used on the site, only in the stories on the site, no one is allowed to use curse words in the chatting area or any other area of the site.

Happy Voting! (Go to the Laws page to vote!)

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Reply Tybalt Cloudskimmer
9:31 PM on March 15, 2011 
I have a question. When you say cursing, do you mean any reference to it, or is censorship allowed; (He stubbed his toe on the desk. "****!" he swore) Is that allowed?
Reply The Writer
1:03 PM on March 18, 2011 
I mean using the real word, not censoring, I always saw censored words as fine, as long as no letters are used, once a letter is used it's too obvious what the word is and then it's too close to the word (when the first letter is used and the rest is censored).
Reply Shadow
6:25 PM on March 21, 2011 
how do you stub your toe on a desk? really? do you lift up youre leg and kick it? also, i agree with using censored words