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A New Member Policy

Posted by The Writer on February 22, 2011 at 8:26 PM

This won't affect any of the members on the site already, but if you have friends who you plan on telling about the site, they will have to deal with the new policy. The admins don't like not knowing who everyone is, we have the safety of all our members to think about. So we are changing the settings on the website so that no one can become a full member and become part of the site community until the admins accept them, and the admins are only going to accept them if they know who the person is a friend of.

If you are telling your friends about the site and one of them tries to join you must email the admin you feel most comfortable with (who has admin power: me, The Writer or Passion, R.R. doesn't have an email).

If you don't know your perfered admins email just send them a message and they will most likely give you their email. For some of the less chatty IM members we may be a bit wary about giving out our emails, but all of us have emails for those people we are wary of and we can give those people one of those. Don't be offended if you get such an email address, it simply means that admin is not as comfy with you as you are with them.

And when sending emails to the admins REMEMBER admins are human beings and emails from unknown email addresses tend to be overlooked and/or deleted, you might want to say STORY TIME CITY MEMBER NOTICE as the email subject so that we know what it's about and we will open it.

Also, don't abuse these email addresses, we are probably giving you a business email address that doesn't have any of our information on it, but if we do give you are main one, it's because we trust you won't do anything stupid, please, if someone does abuse this we'll make just one email address for all the member notices to be sent to, it will be annoying for the admins because now we have to remember yet another email address, and it's much easier for us just to use our own ones, BUT if it gets abused we will have no choice.

Thank you!

PS: This takes affect on Friday, February 25th 2011.

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