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Cyber-bullying and Website Info

Posted by The Writer on January 10, 2011 at 6:43 PM

I felt it was necessary to refresh everyone's memories and help out the new members in case they get cyber-bullied, so here are the pointers.

This website does not allow cyber bullying, and if someone cyber bullies you, please report it to R.R. our chief of police, she will bring the matter up with the other admins. You could also PM me, The Writer, as people have before, and I will do the same as R.R. and bring it up and the admins will discuss the punishment. If you think we pick favorites that is a lie, some people who have "history" as a bully may be given an unfair advantage as yes, admins do remember these things.

Also this site is for people to get away from bullying, it's for writers and most writers are strange and people are strange in general. I'm sure a few of us have been picked on at school and people did nothing. On this site we are not afraid to punish someone if they have been mean.

Everyone should be treated equally and kindly. And we will be harsher on people who bully now. Also don't be afraid to private message one of the admins (Passion, R.R., or me, the Writer, whoever you feel more comfortable writing too and we will warn once, and if it keeps up punish them).

And the admins will fight for you if someone is being exceedingly rude to you, because we want people to understand our points of view on things and how they should accept everyone for who they decide to be, whether or not you agree with that, it doesn't really matter what you think, it's their life. You are allowed to share your mind through writing, but you aren't allowed to put down people on their choices. After we fight with the cyber bully, and if they don't promise to be nice (keep in mind, we will keep tabs on this and ask the people they insulted if they are being better) and if they don't start acting nicer we will delete them.


Thank you, and enjoy the website! 

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