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New Contest and Update on Website

Posted by storytimecity on December 30, 2010 at 10:57 PM

Under the Book Store we now have a few more genres which were already seen and have been put to use by a few members, and just recently we added a Category for "Contest Stories" where the stories done for contests will be put, now this does not mean you can have a story that you continually update in this category, it is for contest stories and these stories, no matter how popular will be locked so that they cannot be updated after the contest is over. You are welcome to copy your story and repost it in the correct Genre Category and then write more to it there.

And for how to tell which story is for which contest, you don't have to repost the whole contest name, all you have to do is post the short contest name and then by you (For example: "Writing Challenge 1 by Resident" or "Evil Eye by Resident", etc.) They will be read and judged by all the participating admins (admin judges, not the admins who sent in a story) on the day the Contest ends and A.S.A.P. the results will be put up.

We hope you enjoy the admins work to make this site as fun and as easy to use and enjoy as possible. 

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