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Posted by storytimecity on October 23, 2010 at 3:17 PM

1. We have just had an idea brainstorm, why don’t you say a little about how your home in Story Time City looks like? Your dream home or whatever you imagined your house in story time city to look like! Everyone on your friends list is on the same block as you! As your friends list grows so does your street!


2. We are offering some jobs for the residents of Story Time City, besides being authors, poets, and artists, you can also be a journalist! Private Message one of the admins (Passion & The Writer) with a story for Story Time News. The admins will edit it and view it and make sure its good to print, if it passes through, you will see it on Story Time News, saying it was by you!


3. We now are proud to present a police station! The head of police is an admin (R.R.)! If you see, hear, or find anything innapropriate, rude, mean, unkind, vulgar, racist, sexist, etc (basically anything that could offend someone) please report it to R.R. and she will deal with it as she sees fit!

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