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Voting Over & Job Openings

Posted by The Writer on January 7, 2012 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (4)

The voting is now over, foreclosed houses and pets will be given to members by the old owners will, or pets will be placed in the shelter or the home will go into personal ads.

Jobs are another big thing now, so here is a list of jobs needed:

  • Zookeeper (take care of the zoo and write stories about the animals, check often, be a good writer, and this job will get you turned into a moderator).
  • Writers for the Newspaper (no promotion, just write in articles in your spare time or full time).
  • Pet shop or shelter assisstants (help out at the pet shop or shelter).
  • Lawyers (coming soon, just something to think about now).
  • Teachers (coming soon, just something to think about now).

New Voting!

Posted by The Writer on December 1, 2011 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (1)

The new vote is on the Laws page like always, and this one is about foreclosed homes in Story Time City! Basically, when a member gets deleted, what to do with their homes that they built and described, some of these homes are very nice. What to do? Go and vote and see the options!

Story Time City has a Court

Posted by The Writer on July 3, 2011 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Story Time City now has a court for writing theft/art theft and other things, but mostly that. The Court Case submission category is in the Police Station. To have a Court case, all the people need to be able to get on at the same time, or if the person who wronged you REFUSES to show up, the Police will deal with it as they see fit, the person might even lose their account in some case, if the CAN'T SHOW UP it will be rescheduled. It may take weeks for someone to finally get their case into the court with everyone there because it needs to be scheduled perfectly so that everyone shows up (Judge, Jury, Witnesses, Lawyers, and both of the people arguing).

Two New Categories in the Bookstore!

Posted by The Writer on June 4, 2011 at 11:46 PM Comments comments (0)

Two new categories are now in the bookstore: Romance and Fan Fiction. We might add a How to section later, but the admins are thinking that How to goes under Non-fiction, if anyone has comments on what or what shouldn't be added, please put them here!

Updated Literary Works + Literary Work Poll

Posted by The Writer on March 19, 2011 at 2:06 PM Comments comments (2)

A new PDF Application has been added to the Literary Works to make reading easier and more organized. You can now download the Open Office Power Point of all Firework's poems, along with R.R.'s face the challenge exerpt, and the first writing ever posted on the site, a poem by Midnight Dust.

The new poll is about what Romance story from Behind the Black Gate is best. The five poll options? Destiny's, Chloe's, Alexandra's, Erica's, or None (if you think none are worthy of being placed in the Literary Works). So go on and vote and look at the new and improved page!

New Law: Cursing in Stories?

Posted by storytimecity on March 12, 2011 at 5:32 PM Comments comments (3)

Should Story Time City allow cursing in stories? And if so what curse words will be allowed and what won't? The website has a large range of ages and some of those ages it wouldn't be appropriate to have those words written in stories. After the votes have been counted (the poll will probably be up for a week or two) the admins will decide what words will be allowed and what won't. Of course we won't post a list on the website, but if someone is planning to use curse words in their story they have to pm the admins and tell them which words you are planning on using, the admins will then tell the resident if any of the words are unacceptable.

The consequences for cursing in a story will be semi-harsh, probably being turned into a limited member for awhile depending on the word used.

But if most of the residents vote for Pro-Clean no cursewords will be allowed and the punishment will go to anyone who uses a cursewords.

Also the vote is not asking if curse words should be used on the site, only in the stories on the site, no one is allowed to use curse words in the chatting area or any other area of the site.

Happy Voting! (Go to the Laws page to vote!)

A New Member Policy

Posted by The Writer on February 22, 2011 at 8:26 PM Comments comments (0)

This won't affect any of the members on the site already, but if you have friends who you plan on telling about the site, they will have to deal with the new policy. The admins don't like not knowing who everyone is, we have the safety of all our members to think about. So we are changing the settings on the website so that no one can become a full member and become part of the site community until the admins accept them, and the admins are only going to accept them if they know who the person is a friend of.

If you are telling your friends about the site and one of them tries to join you must email the admin you feel most comfortable with (who has admin power: me, The Writer or Passion, R.R. doesn't have an email).

If you don't know your perfered admins email just send them a message and they will most likely give you their email. For some of the less chatty IM members we may be a bit wary about giving out our emails, but all of us have emails for those people we are wary of and we can give those people one of those. Don't be offended if you get such an email address, it simply means that admin is not as comfy with you as you are with them.

And when sending emails to the admins REMEMBER admins are human beings and emails from unknown email addresses tend to be overlooked and/or deleted, you might want to say STORY TIME CITY MEMBER NOTICE as the email subject so that we know what it's about and we will open it.

Also, don't abuse these email addresses, we are probably giving you a business email address that doesn't have any of our information on it, but if we do give you are main one, it's because we trust you won't do anything stupid, please, if someone does abuse this we'll make just one email address for all the member notices to be sent to, it will be annoying for the admins because now we have to remember yet another email address, and it's much easier for us just to use our own ones, BUT if it gets abused we will have no choice.

Thank you!

PS: This takes affect on Friday, February 25th 2011.

Cyber-bullying and Website Info

Posted by The Writer on January 10, 2011 at 6:43 PM Comments comments (0)

I felt it was necessary to refresh everyone's memories and help out the new members in case they get cyber-bullied, so here are the pointers.

This website does not allow cyber bullying, and if someone cyber bullies you, please report it to R.R. our chief of police, she will bring the matter up with the other admins. You could also PM me, The Writer, as people have before, and I will do the same as R.R. and bring it up and the admins will discuss the punishment. If you think we pick favorites that is a lie, some people who have "history" as a bully may be given an unfair advantage as yes, admins do remember these things.

Also this site is for people to get away from bullying, it's for writers and most writers are strange and people are strange in general. I'm sure a few of us have been picked on at school and people did nothing. On this site we are not afraid to punish someone if they have been mean.

Everyone should be treated equally and kindly. And we will be harsher on people who bully now. Also don't be afraid to private message one of the admins (Passion, R.R., or me, the Writer, whoever you feel more comfortable writing too and we will warn once, and if it keeps up punish them).

And the admins will fight for you if someone is being exceedingly rude to you, because we want people to understand our points of view on things and how they should accept everyone for who they decide to be, whether or not you agree with that, it doesn't really matter what you think, it's their life. You are allowed to share your mind through writing, but you aren't allowed to put down people on their choices. After we fight with the cyber bully, and if they don't promise to be nice (keep in mind, we will keep tabs on this and ask the people they insulted if they are being better) and if they don't start acting nicer we will delete them.


Thank you, and enjoy the website! 

Great Opportunity for Writers in Chicago!

Posted by The Writer on January 8, 2011 at 7:22 PM Comments comments (0)

If you are a Writer in Chicago between 7th grade to senior in high school you will probably enjoy Young Chicago Authors. There website (if you look it up on Google) says it's high school only but it's not. You apply online and they send a letter to your home.

It's a great experience but it's hard to find as it is right next to a Law Office with the same address, you have to walk past that and you will find a small door that says "Young Chicago Authors" and it will just show a stair case which you have to go up and at the top you'll see the inside entrance. It's small and informal with great teachers. The manager of it will show you around and on a big dry erase board that says the classes, the times, and has arrows below each class saying which direction.

The semester has already started and you go for several weeks on Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 11:00 for the first 2 class (you choose which one to go to, you can take 2 of the 4 classes a day because there are 2 classes at the same time for 2 hours long) and the next 2 classes are 11:30-1:30, though you only have to stay for the first class if you want to. It really informal and the kids decide which class they want to take and where to go from there. Everyone is allowed to jump in on conversations (hand raising for the teacher to call on you is practically illegal).

It's also fun because there are 4 adults in the class just watching, sitting in for fun (1 is the teacher) and then there's 5-6 kids in the class, ranging in ages.

It's fun, this is my first semester and I found out about it recently. It's a great opportunity for any writer in Chicago.

New Contest and Update on Website

Posted by storytimecity on December 30, 2010 at 10:57 PM Comments comments (0)

Under the Book Store we now have a few more genres which were already seen and have been put to use by a few members, and just recently we added a Category for "Contest Stories" where the stories done for contests will be put, now this does not mean you can have a story that you continually update in this category, it is for contest stories and these stories, no matter how popular will be locked so that they cannot be updated after the contest is over. You are welcome to copy your story and repost it in the correct Genre Category and then write more to it there.

And for how to tell which story is for which contest, you don't have to repost the whole contest name, all you have to do is post the short contest name and then by you (For example: "Writing Challenge 1 by Resident" or "Evil Eye by Resident", etc.) They will be read and judged by all the participating admins (admin judges, not the admins who sent in a story) on the day the Contest ends and A.S.A.P. the results will be put up.

We hope you enjoy the admins work to make this site as fun and as easy to use and enjoy as possible.