Story Time City

A City for Writers

Story Time City

This is a city where sparkling new stories, ideas, and writing come from sparkling new writers! Ones you may have heard of but most likely you have never heard of before! We have an amazing book store where writers enter their stories, and a lovely little square (none other than Story Time Square). And we have a bunch of smart, great, amazing inhabitants of Story Time City, you can find on the residents page and you can move in and join the city too!

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New Residents Read This!

 Look at the Laws page for rules of the site. There is a lot of information on the Laws page that you should know, and fun little voting for imaginary laws!

Please remember to check Story Time City News frequently, for we will update fun stuff and rules and other things that you are better off knowing! Also, check the forums! You can write your own stories, send in articles for the Newspaper, chat with friends at the Cafe (and order drinks and food!), see animals and read their stories at the Local Zoo, go to school, and so much more! So move in, make your house, and enjoy the city that is being built around you!


Thank you for voting! Now we have taken the highest suggestion and put it into motion on our site and taken one of the previous suggestions off our ballot. The votes have been cleared, so if you voted for something on here you may want to re-vote! Thanks and enjoy this!

(we'll add a new poll soon!)

Map of Story Time City

We will hopefully have a map soon of what the city looks like, I would tell you how I see it, if it were real, but then people wouldn't use their creativity! Show the admins what YOU think Story Time City looks like and let the best map win!